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What is Hemorrhoid Ligation?

What is Hemorrhoid Ligation?


Hemorrhoid ligation, or banding, is a simple procedure often used to treat symptomatic

internal hemorrhoids. This consists of placing a ‘tourniquet’ in the form of a small

rubber band around the base of an internal hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid will then

slough off after a few days.


Hemorrhoid Ligation Procedure


The procedure is usually done in the office, without sedation; taking only a few

minutes. There is minimal discomfort, consisting of pressure or rectal spasm. This lasts

anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Some patients have little or no


Warm water soaks ( sitz baths ), and non narcotic pain medicines are used to treat the

discomfort. Patients can resume activities as soon as they are comfortable, often the

same day.


Potential Complications


Complications include significant bleeding and infection, but are very rare.

As noted, the procedure is done to treat symptomatic hemorrhoids.


The Evaluation


Examination should be done by someone trained in the anatomy and diseases of the

anal canal and colon; such as a colorectal Surgeon. The evaluation should include a

detailed exam of the anal canal, and quite often colonoscopy to rule out a colonic

source of the symptoms.


Stay tuned for further discussions about common anorectal and colon problems.

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